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Switching your phone system to the cloud can seem daunting. Intermedia is here to make it easy. Here are a few articles that illustrate how current clients found answers to their current challenges by switching to Intermedia.

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Buying the Right Business Phone System for Your Company

Just like business themselves, business phone solutions vary in size and complexity. If you are a one- or two-person shop, your “solution” might be configured to be different from a large corporation with in-house IT staff. But with a Cloud-based PBX, as long as you both have reliable high-speed Internet access, you can both acquire services from the same provider.

With such a wide range of available options, the first step in finding the best business phone solution is to understand your company’s needs and capabilities. Before you start looking for an answer, make sure you consider a number of key questions:

  • How many office locations will your system have to serve?
  • How big is your budget?
  • Do you have the IT staff to support a phone system in addition to other duties?
  • How fast is your company growing?
  • What phone features do you need?
  • How many inbound calls do you get?
  • How many mobile or remote employees do you have?
  • Do you have access to reliable Internet connectivity?

Your combined answers to all of these questions can help point you toward the best solution.

What is the best business phone solution for you?

Smaller companies with a single location may only need a few phones, while companies with multiple locations or a large amount of staff will have to manage a much larger system. Conversely, if your company is comprised primarily of virtual workers–who rarely travel to a physical office–the only requirement might be a service that enables users to work from a primary office, home office and mobile phone.

For most SMBs, wanting a flexible range of advanced business phone features, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has become a popular, affordable solution. VoIP systems provide companies with features and functionality once reserved for large corporations with expensive PBX hardware and the staff to support it.

What are the benefits of insourcing versus outsourcing/cloud sourcing a business phone solution?

If you choose a self-hosted or on premise solution, you pay for and own the equipment including the PBX hardware. On the positive side you are always in control of your service. The downside is a large upfront expenses and the ongoing IT expense of supporting the PBX and related equipment.

Cloud or hosted solutions, are easier to upgrade and manage than PBX hardware because they are maintained by the provider. Hosted PBX and VoIP services can be much more affordable too because the provider is able to balance infrastructure with support in a way that an in-house team cannot. With most cloud-based solutions, you purchase only the IP phones themselves.

The best VoIP phone solutions come with browser interfaces to enable you to set up and manage your phone system directly. They remove the need for a large IT staff dedicated and trained to run your phone system. It is important to find a provider with a high measure of reliability and a large enough support staff on call to meet the needs of all of the accounts they work with.  If you decide to go with a vendor for a hosted PBX, choose one that can provide the uptime, support and features that your business requires.

If you decide to go with a vendor for a hosted PBX, choose one that can provide the uptime, support and features that your business requires.